Pairing define as the union or combination of meals with drinks. For analyzing the pairing with wines, we emphasize that the wine very gently sweep the gustatory food stop, leaving an aftertaste with the expression of the wine and fitted for a new bite.
When testing the food, this should be harmonized with the memory of wine and very gently leave the mouth feeling of food. When this occurs in a harmonious and smooth we are talking about a perfect pairing.
There are so called pairings to combination, pairings for regional, pairings for contrast .

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We can think of the marriage by:
The main part of the meal (dry pasta, stuffed pasta, red meat, white meat, fish.
FForm and doneness (grilled, baked, grilled, steamed, juicy, cooked.)
Sauces, if any, the intensity of the same conditions the Food Type.

For any of these components of the kitchen can vary recommending wine pairings.
We must avoid the combination of powerful and robust wine with spicy dishes or spicy with plenty of content, and the flavors tend to compete with each other and do not reach an equilibrium.
When the occasion requires extremely aromatic or spicy preparations, we lean more towards lighter wines.
We should never combine wine with citrus. The acidity typical of this type of fruit absolutely eliminates the taste balance of any wine.
When it comes to candy, it is not advisable to choose type dry sparkling wines Nature, Brut or Extra Brut. You better opt for the Demi-Sec or Sweet guy.
Here are some tips to further understand how to harmonize flavors, textures and flavors when choosing our menu.

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In summary.
The Food Type can vastly improve the experience of tasting a dish, not only in the finest gourmet recipes books, but also in day to day with any food. Sure you've noticed the difference which produces accompany a meal with a drink or another, because choosing the best drink that you are already doing. Of course, do consciously and flavors you use comprising, the experience is different and you can choose better and therefore get a more palatable experience.


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